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Her Rules

“I am home,” Annette yelled towards the living room, as she closed the apartment door behind her. But more than a “Hmm” was not to be expected as a response. Her lovely husband sat, like every Monday, in front of the TV and watched a soccer game.

After Annette had taken off her coat and shoes, she walked across the living room towards the kitchen, all the while not being graced by her husband’s eyes — the game was so much more exciting.

Sighing, Annette examined the mountain of dishes in the sink which was there since breakfast. She brushed a strand of hair out of her face. Of course, she didn’t expect that Andrew would take care of this, but a woman could dream.

Annette and Andrew had been married for nine years. In the beginning, their marriage was pretty fabulous, but after a while, routine had caught up with the young couple. It was no surprise that even in bed, not much was going on anymore. Of course, with one or two times per week, they still had more sex than the typical couple, but sex wasn’t satisfying for Annette. Most of the time Andrew just ended up fucking her in the missionary position, like a shagging rabbit, until his cum shot up deep inside of her. Another general scenario was when he had her blow him, and he pretty much expected her to swallow his semen; shortly after his orgasm, he would turn around and fall asleep. No wonder that climaxing was a rarity for her, and whenever he stooped down to pleasure her orally, it was as if Easter and Christmas came together.

It wasn’t so much that they were missing ideas for new things to do in bed, but Annette just was not able to convince him that Tantric massages could be erotic, or that it would give him pleasure if she would coddle him anally with a small vibrator. “My butt stays a virgin. What am I, gay?” was his maxim, whenever she tried to advance toward him anally.

After the kitchen had been cleaned and Annette had eaten, she went to the bathroom to allow herself to indulge in a hot bath and to wash away the frustration over her life like usual, even if only for a short time. When Annette got to the bathroom, she quickly rinsed the tub, only to fill it up with warm water and some calming bath essence. While she waited for the tub to fill up, she took one of her women’s magazines, which got, as usual, lost in the bathroom. Due to not having had the time so far to read this particular issue, she sat down in front of the radiator and started to read.

While she was browsing through the pages, she noticed an article on dominance, submission, and which opportunities those would offer regarding bringing new wind into a relationship. Fascinated, she devoured the article, which was mainly about how women turned their men into sex slaves — even if only temporarily. She was so riveted by the write-up that she almost forgot her bath water, which was about to overflow. After she let out a bit of the water, she stepped into the tub — her thoughts still pondering the article.

As she embraced the warm, scented water, she was able to relax fully for the first time that day. She tilted her head back and rested it on the edge of the tub. She closed her eyes to let her thoughts run wild and imagined how it would be to have her husband in front of her.

Kneeling. Submissive.

She contemplated hundreds of scenarios; what would she do with him if he were to be handcuffed, in front of her or on the bed. Unconsciously, her right hand was seeking to slide between her legs, which opened willingly to give her fingers way to her pussy. She carefully caressed her nether lips, parted them and slid two fingers inside. In the meantime, her left hand was busy massaging her big boobs, which gave into gravity just somewhat over the years. Her fingernails teased her nipples, which perkily hardened and stood up in the air. As she imagined how it would be for Andrew, who’d be handcuffed to the bed, to lick her, her fingertips circulated softly over her clit. Her breath became flattered, and she quietly started to moan.

In her whole life, no fantasy had turned her on more than this one. The closer she came to the finish line, the faster her fingers moved over her clit so that her pelvis soon started to twitch wildly as she moved towards a mighty climax. The orgasm waves overran her and only slowly subsided while her body recovered.

She felt satisfied and in a good mood, like she hadn’t experienced in a very long time, and stepped out of the tub fifteen minutes later to dry her body with a towel. All cleaned up, teeth brushed, and only covered in a bathrobe, she walked into the living room and sat down next to Andrew, who still enjoyed following the soccer game.

“Babe, I would like to talk about something with you.” She started the conversation, but Andrew interrupted her quickly: “Can this wait? The game will be over in five minutes, and then you will have my undivided attention. I promise.”

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