LynoXes BDSM & ENF Erotica


The Art Course

It’s the end of the semester, and that means life drawing in Leonie’s college art class. There’s only one problem - there are no models.

Lesson in Humility

Isabelle has always been arrogant, but pride comes before the fall, and now Isabelle needs Laura's help just to be admitted to the exams. She's willing to do anything.

Her Rules

After nine years of marriage, whatever feelings Annette and Andrew once had for each other have more than just fallen asleep. Time to change that.

Moonlight Adventures: Nadine & Paul

A full moon beckons Nadine into the thick of the night, but it’s not the warm summer breeze she craves; it’s the lure of the man who pushes her boundaries, one seductive command at a time.

Moonlight Adventures: Yvonne & Jack

Jack has found success in business, but he is still seeking it in his personal life. His proclivities for naughtier romps have created a barrier between him and ultimate pleasure, but an online pastime may turn things around for him.

Moonlight Adventures: Annika & Ben

A week after a lover’s quarrel, Annika and Ben are still nursing their wounds. Fiery passion has given way to routine in the bedroom, and if they don’t do something about it, their relationship will sour.

Moonlight Adventures

Three Couples. Three Adventures. One Passion.