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Lesson in Humility

Absolute terms, theorems, indirect proof, values - everything needed to be studied for the upcoming exams. As usual, Laura and her friends met in her dorm room, to cram the things they had learned throughout the semester – a semester that was about to end.

It was a mix of solid concentration and frisky vibes because everyone went to the lessons together, and everyone passed the course to be allowed to take the exam. Tina got some snacks out of her bag while Julian on her demand explained to his study-mate what an Abelian group was.

“That’s easy,” Julian responded. “The group needs to contain a neutral element, and every element needs to have an inverse as well. Commutativity and associativity need to be applied as well.”

“Alright, that’s easy peasy,” Janine said and got to see Julian’s tongue.

“Nice to see that everyone’s so mature,” Laura said, and Tim replied that this might have something to do with the low amount of alcohol present. “Well, we’d want to do something about that, now, don’t we?”

Laura went into the kitchen. Well, calling it a kitchen may be an overstatement. Every dorm room had a small hallway with a tiny kitchen alcove, through which one could access into the bathroom with shower and toilet. Nothing special, but still better than sharing a kitchen with the whole floor or going to shower collectively in the basement.

Laura had just opened the fridge in the small built-in kitchen when someone knocked on the door. She quickly let the fridge door slam shut, and went to the entrance. She was surprised to see Isabelle standing right in front of her.

Isabelle was on the same course of studies as her, at the same university and lived in the same dormitory, so it wasn’t a coincidence. However, Laura and Isabelle were everything BUT close friends. So it was indeed surprising for Laura to see the stuck-up blonde this late by her door.

“What do you want?” she asked harshly.

“Hi Laura,” Isabelle tried to answer nicely. “I just wanted to ask you for a favor.”

Laura suspected such a thing. It couldn’t be trivial, if Isabelle came directly to her, instead of one of her superficial girlfriends.

“What is it that you want me to do for you?” she inquired.

“Well, I don’t have the certificate for the course and are not allowed to do the exam, yet… so I thought…,” Isabelle started to explain.

“You thought, I could write your name on my exercise for this week, and then you could get those points, or what?” Laura finished Isabelle’s sentence for her.

All throughout the semester, the students needed to complete a series of tasks to collect points. It was quite usual to hand in the results in pairs. But Laura wasn’t sure why in the world she would do that. If Isabelle were only conceited and arrogant, she wouldn’t care much. But, this woman spent most of her time gossiping about others, and sending hurtful rumors into the world, instead of studying. Constant stupid remarks and actions that could only be described as bullying, that’s what Isabelle was known for.

“Forget it,” Laura said, and was about to close the door, but Isabelle pressed against it and started begging.

“Please, Laura, you are my last and only hope. If I don’t participate in this exam, and if I don’t pass, I can’t continue my studies next semester.”

That was true. For her to continue studying she needed to finish all the fundamental subjects successfully – a clause in the study regulations that Laura never bothered.

“Why would I help you, out of all people?” Laura looked at Isabelle with a stern stare.

“I know, I can be horrible,” Isabelle responded, “but I know nobody who could help me.” Desperately, she looked into Laura’s eyes. “Please, Laura. I will do everything you want me to. Please!”

At this point, Laura had enough of it. Why could this woman not understand a simple “No”?

“So, you will do anything I tell you to do, eh?” Laura asked, and Isabelle nodded eagerly.

“Ok,” Laura then said. “Get naked.” That hit hard. Isabelle looked at Laura with big eyes, unable to say anything. “I knew you weren’t serious,” Laura said and tried again to close the door.

“No, no, wait,” Isabelle stopped her and started to take off her top.

Now it was Laura’s turn to be speechless. She didn’t mean it when she asked Isabelle to get naked; she just wanted to get finally rid of her. Isabelle, however, had already taken off her skirt and nervously fiddled around her lace bra. Once the panties found their way off of her body, Laura started to feel overcome by a sense of power.

She realized how desperate Isabelle was, and that it would be the perfect opportunity to take revenge. As soon as she could see, Laura collected Isabelle’s clothes off the floor and said “Wait a sec!” before she left her bare naked in the hallway of the dormitory and closed the door. High spiritedly, she ran into the room, back to her friends, who were waiting patiently.

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