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Moonlight Adventures: Nadine & Paul

Chapter 1

Although it was shortly before midnight, the thermometer still showed 75 degrees. But this was far from the actual reason why Nadine could not fall asleep. She tossed the bed cover aside and looked through the open window at the real cause of her insomnia—the moon in the night sky, shining large and bright.

It was almost full.

Almost full moon.

Tomorrow night it would be that time again.

Some believed that there was an evil curse on Nadine, and there are those who thought she was afraid of werewolves and other demons, those whose appearance is attributed to the full moon, but no, none of this was what kept Nadine awake. It was much more a pleasant anticipation of what would happen the next night. What had been happening for over a year, in fact, on each full moon night.

Everything started on a happy evening. Nadine was partying with her girlfriends and having a great time. It was a bachelorette party, so together they hopped from bar to bar. The highlight of the night was the trip to the nightclub with male go-go dancers.

As happy as Nadine felt for her friend, the sight of the hot and almost naked men made her realize how much time had passed since her last night with a man. Her looks were not the issue, for sure. Nadine was in her late twenties and had a slim, athletic body. A shapely rear and medium-sized breasts gave her the feminine curves every man liked to look at. But apparently, that was exactly the issue. Her beauty caused men to keep their distance; they were reluctant to talk to her. Her job was another factor. It consumed a lot of her time, and the fact that she was very sovereign and successful made her seem very aloof.

As she arrived home that evening, tipsy and slightly melancholic, she sat down in front of her computer. With no real intentions, she browsed through the depths of the Internet until she ended up in a chat room for singles. It didn’t take long until she found someone to chat with, and thanks to the anonymity and the alcohol in her system, she unloaded on him.

Her conversation partner turned out to be an excellent listener. Only at dawn, Nadine realized how long they had been chatting. Even though she knew it was irresponsible, she gave him her phone number before she went offline and crawled into her bed.

During the following weeks, she texted him, and they met up in the chat room. He was always ready to listen to her, no matter whether it was about daily problems or intimate thoughts. At some point, she mustered all her courage and dialed his number instead of sending him a text. She felt her knees get weak the moment she heard his voice for the first time. It sounded deep and manly, but at the same time very warm. Even a simple “hello” gave Nadine a feeling of safety.

It happened the way it had to, and the two met for dinner. Paul, her faithful conversation partner, finally got a face. With a charming smile, he sat across from her in the restaurant; she couldn’t take her eyes off his great body and ice-blue eyes. He brought her home, dropped her off in front of the door, and kissed her in the light of the full moon. There was no turning back for her. Every single cell in her body craved unrestrained sex with this man, but Paul didn’t enter her apartment that evening.

“You have to learn to enjoy the anticipation,” he said, and they kissed once more time.

Then Nadine finally got what she wanted, also during a full moon, by pure coincidence. Both of them enjoyed the liaison; it was without obligations and with occasional meetings. Between the moon phases, she wrote messages or called him on his phone. She told him her fantasies, and he listened attentively. She had never opened herself up to a man that much before. He thanked her for her trust by making her wishes come true.

Paul started to tie Nadine up, and while she was unable to move, he spoiled her according to all the rules of the art. First, it was only in a hotel room, later outdoors, in nature. Each time she submitted to him a little more. Each time he expanded the boundaries a bit further. Each time she came slightly closer to her goal—she wanted to break out of her life and hand the control to someone else.

With butterflies in her stomach, Nadine recalled the past months. The fantastic meetings and numerous surprises with which Paul made her fantasies reality. It took forever for the tiredness to finally overpower her, and she, at last, fell asleep.

When Nadine awoke the next morning, she had hardly slept, but the anticipation of the evening wiped all the residual fatigue aside. She stood up and got ready for work. As she sat on the subway, her phone vibrated to let her know a message had arrived.

I will pick you up at 8. Put on the black dress and think of something matching for your lower regions.

As of that moment, there was no turning back anymore. All Nadine’s thoughts circled the forthcoming meeting. The entire day went by in a blur for her. The intern could act as bitchy as she wanted, and the colleague in the neighboring office could tell as many discriminatory jokes about women as he liked. Nothing fazed Nadine today; she couldn’t wait to finish work.

When she arrived home, she quickly jumped in the shower and took care of the annoying stubbles from her neck down. With only a towel wrapped around herself, she went into the bedroom. The dress he’d mentioned was quickly found, but what did he mean by the right thing for underneath?

She knew he loved it when she wore a short dress and nothing underneath. So did he mean bare skin? She also thought of the small butt plug with the ornate base he loved on, or rather in, her. Or was he thinking of the clip with the bells for her clit? Nadine stood in her room, clueless. There wasn’t much time left for her to reach a decision.

Chapter 2

After a brief moment of pondering, Nadine decided upon on the butt plug. She could feel a tingling sensation in her stomach when she took the small toy and a little lubricant from the night table. The feeling of the cold steel plug in her hand made her tremble for a short moment, and the idea of where this beautiful sex toy would disappear in a few seconds caused the tingling in her belly to wander a little lower.

Nadine put the towel aside, crouched down and opened her legs. First, she distributed some lubricant on the plug and then prepared her anus with a lubricated finger, gently massaging the narrow opening before she let the finger slowly penetrate her asshole. She took roughly a minute to prepare herself for what came next. She then put the tip of the plug against her sphincter and pressed it slowly. When the thickest point passed, the last few inches practically slipped inside by themselves, causing Nadine to moan loudly. It cost her a lot of self-control to not take care of it herself right there and then.

Instead, she quickly went into the bathroom to wash the lubricant residue off her hands. Then she went back into the bedroom, where she put on a black g-string and the desired dress. To top it off she decided to wear a pair of black pumps. She checked herself in the mirror.

Not a second too early the doorbell rang. Nadine excitedly rushed to open the door and let Paul into the house. Since she lived on the third floor, she had a couple of seconds to take a deep breath before Paul arrived at her apartment door.

“You look lovely,” he said as he walked up the stairs and saw her in the door frame. His eyes, which fascinated her ever since their first meeting, showed that he meant every word he said.

“I missed you,” she replied as he stood in front of her, and just a moment later their lips met for a passionate kiss.

As they separated, he asked, “Are you ready?”

“More than ready,” she answered, and although she trusted him more than anyone, she knew that he would have something in store for her she wasn’t quite ready for yet. But Nadine was willing to join Paul’s game because trusted him. He would ensure that nothing would happen that she didn’t want.

“Then let us begin,” he said with a charming smile. He conjured up a thin leather necklace from his pocket. Nadine didn’t even think of refusing. Instead, she lifted up her head so that Paul could put his souvenir on her.

It lay softly around her neck, and Paul was satisfied with it; Nadine quickly went back into her apartment to get her keys. She wouldn’t need more than that for the rest of the evening. She glanced in the mirror. The neck band was fragile, and there was a small ring in the middle of it. It felt unusual, but she liked it.

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