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Moonlight Adventures: Yvonne & Jack

Chapter 1

“Is there anything else I can do for you, Mr. Wagner?” the brunette secretary wanted to know when she stuck her head into her boss’s office shortly after 6 p.m.

“No, thank you,” the man in his mid-thirties replied. “Have a lovely evening.”

She gave him one last smile and disappeared. The fact that his secretary often overstayed, surpassing the other employees’ work ethic by far, usually pleased the young entrepreneur. But on that day, he preferred to stay late at the office by himself.

After waiting a few more minutes and ensuring that nobody else was there, Jack Wagner opened the Internet browser and typed in the address to the porn chat he had visited quite frequently over the last few weeks. What had begun as an amusing experiment had now become a serious matter for Jack.

He had always hoped to find a dominant woman who would give him exactly what he needed, but in vain. And although he was almost certain that most of the women in the chatrooms were men in real life who jerked off during the indecent talks, he gave it a try.

He created a detailed profile and started to take part in noncommittal conversations. His calm and prudent manner clearly distinguished him from his fellow users. They, no matter whether submissive or dominant, usually just wanted things to go their way. After a while, a dominant woman began to notice him. She described herself as dominant-sadistic and also claimed to be looking for someone.

Jack became a little more personal after some small talk; he wanted to know more and asked the dominatrix for a photo. A few minutes later, he received it by e-mail. He was disappointed that the face was cut off, but he was very pleased with the slim, sporty body dressed in black leatherwear.

Jack took a selfie without showing his face, as well. His new acquaintance was very pleased with his appearance, and yet she made one criticism. “As a slave, you should kneel in the picture—and if you have the courage, in just your underpants.” Jack stared at the screen, reading the message over and over again for a long while. Then he took a second picture. In a submissive pose, in only his underpants.

That was the beginning of a platonic relationship, in which both virtually played out their passion. They chatted almost every day. Over and over again, Jack received orders and sent back a photo as evidence that he had obeyed.

The orders ranged from spanking his butt for arriving late to the chat, dripping candle wax over his nipples, and attaching pegs to his tongue. He never showed his face or his genital area. A reddened butt caused by a wooden ruler was the most intimate photo he ever sent.

His online mistress also declined to send more revealing photos of herself. The only detail they exchanged were their zip codes, which let them know that they lived close to each other. So, it was not surprising that they decided to meet in real life.

“Then I can finally spank you for real,” she wrote jokingly, but the thought alone was enough to make Jack’s excitement skyrocket.

He wanted to meet her as soon as possible, but his online mistress let him dangle for a week. Every day, Jack had to write a long e-mail, explaining why he deserved to meet her and vowing to be a good slave, following all her orders. He was also forbidden to satisfy himself. Of course, with every passing day, it was harder for Jack to write a proper message since he could barely focus.

On the evening of their meeting, she ordered him not write an e-mail but instead to wait for a message in which she would notify him of the time and place. As soon as he opened his profile, he saw the new message. In half an hour, he was to be expected at the edge of town, near an abandoned suburban commuter station. Below that was a phone number with the command to call as soon as he got there. The message ended with this: “For you and your butt’s sake, I hope you remembered to shave.”

Of course, Jack had remembered. During the morning hours, it had been tough to control himself. After an entire week of abstinence, his dick was pointing straight up, desperate for attention.

He quickly turned off his computer, took his briefcase, and went to his car to drive to the suggested meeting point. The farther he drove toward the edge of the city, the lighter the traffic became. He was alone on the street, which lacked streetlights but was brightly illuminated by the full moon. Jack was sure that no matter how dark it might be at the suburban train station, he would finally meet his online mistress.

He just didn’t know that he had known her for a long while already.

Chapter 2

After Jack had parked his car in a nearby parking lot, he took his phone out of his pants pocket and typed the given number. Overly nervous, he circled his thumb over the call button.

He felt like a teenager calling his crush for the first time. He took another deep breath before finally tapping the dial button. Every ring was ear-piercing.

“Hello, slave,” a woman answered with a very familiar and yet commanding voice.

“Hello,” Jack replied timidly. “I’m here.”

“I know,” she laughed. She must have been watching him. “How about you get out of your car?”

“Okay.” With only his phone in his hand and his car key in his pants pocket, Jack stepped out of the car.

“That’s a good boy, my little slave,” he heard his mistress say. “I think you should get a bit more comfortable and take off your suit.”

“Are you serious?” Jack asked. How could she expect him to undress in public?

“Of course, silly. Do you think I’d summon you here if I didn’t want to play with you?” She seemed very amused by his hesitation. “I think we both know that this game will end soon if you’re not willing to play by my rules.”

Jack swallowed. She knew that he wanted nothing more than to be dominated by her—and apparently, she knew what she was doing.

Her voice pierced through his various thoughts. “If you want, I’ll give you a safe word. Then you can stop at any time if it gets too hot for you.”

“O-o-okay,” Jack stammered. “What is the safe word?”


This was more than enough reason for him to finally jump into this adventure. He placed his phone on the car roof and began to undress. Before he knew it, he stood there in only his briefs and socks. He took the phone again.

“Happy?” he wanted to know.

“Well, almost,” the other side replied. “You can keep your underpants on for now, but the socks are an eyesore. I think it’s better if a man doesn’t wear any while he’s at it.”

The last sentence sent hot and cold shivers up and down Jack’s spine. A second later, he stood there next to his car in only his underwear.

“Now, how may I please you?” he asked in a playfully humble voice.

“My, my, this attitude is a lot better,” his mistress laughed and directed him to a bush. In there was a pair of handcuffs. “Take them with you and go back to your car.”

The cold metal in his hand sent his anticipation skyrocketing.

“Now you’re going to take your car key and put your phone into the car. Then you’re going to lock it. You can put the key on the roof before handcuffing yourself behind your back.”

Even if he’d already imagined something like that happening, the spoken command had way more impact on him than his imagination alone. For a moment, he thought of just giving up and not risking it. On the other hand, he had waited too long for this opportunity. He would surrender himself to her—no ifs, no buts.

Jack turned off his phone and tossed it into his car. A quick twist of the key and the central locking system closed all doors and the trunk. Jack put the car key on the roof of his vehicle just as ordered and placed his hands behind his back.

The feeling of the handcuffs when he’d picked them up for the first time was nothing compared to the sensations he felt as the cold metal closed around his left wrist. The right wrist followed, leaving Jack entirely at her mercy. Then he waited.

Every second felt like an eternity, and the nervousness drove Jack almost crazy. Why wasn’t she coming? Over and over again, the young entrepreneur turned around to look into all directions, but he was alone. Not a soul could be seen. Was he the victim of a prank? Desperately, Jack tried to free his hands, but he realized that the cuffs were soundly latched. Whoever was playing those evil tricks on him was still in control.

Just when he was beginning to think about running off and searching for help, a person approached him from behind. He wanted to turn around, but two hands grabbed his upper arms, stopping him.

“Hey, calm down, my little slave.” He heard the familiar voice right next to him. “You didn’t think I’d just leave you here half-naked and handcuffed, did you? Even if it sounds like fun, trust me, I have some other ideas in mind about what I’d like to do with you.”

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